Panther Admin

This module makes it possible to receive payments, electronically. This require agreements, integration and subscriptions directly with payment-gateway companies.

Debit/Creditcard payments
  • Normal transactions
  • Recurring transactions
  • Payments of e-mail invoices

For payment services we use Kvanto Payments or E-pay, which are Danish provides. For international provides, please contact us.

Danish Payment service, Functionality list:
  • Recurring payments using FI cards and automatic transactions
  • Setup customers for PBS Betalingsservice payments
  • Imports “Aftaleoplysninger” 603
  • Imports “Betalingsoplysninger” 602
  • Exports “Betalingsoplysninger” 601
  • Customizable PBS Betalingsservice bill
  • Automatic generation of Administration fee if not PBS subscribed

PBS-BS Total Service

This module depends on PBS-BS payment service

Adds functionality to generate and manage full payments by PBS (Subscribers not submitted to “Betalingsservice” gets a normal bill.)

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