Panther Admin

This module enables Network and IP related surveillance.

Functionality list

  • Monitor network equipment provisioned by Panther Admin
  • Self configuration/workflows to trigger alerts based on triggers:
  • Network load and problems, based on netflow


The module monitors the network traffic patterns, and reports possible malicious behavior, and relates this to the relevant customer. This also enables a proactive support approach on handling the customers, as detection of malicious traffic behavior, often is made before the customer is aware of the problem. Furthermore, the system can detect attacks from worms and virus that haven’t been described yet.

Functionality list

  • Monitor customer’s bandwidth usage
  • Alerts:
  • - Internet worms
  • - Spam bots
  • - Abnormal usage

Docsis network surveillance also include RF surveillance of the network.

Cable Network RF surveillance

Panther Admin supports a broad spectrum of RF specific surveillance options, which includes information about network layer 1 and 2, monitored real time and logged historically.

The MAP view contain all necessary information shown with bullets and colors. The map will show the status of the cable plant as it is now. Using the clock option the map can be show as it was earlier in the day or on a given day in the past.


  • Modem status
  • Channels in use
  • Nodes
  • Online %
  • Inserts
  • Flaps
  • Power Adjusts
  • USSNR(x)
  • USTX
  • USRX(x)
  • DSRX
  • FECc%
  • FECu%

B2B Market

Selected references

  • CSC
  • IPVision A/S
  • TDC A/S
  • TDC Hosting A/S
  • Netgroup A/S
  • Jaynet A/S
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