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The billing module contains the foundation of billing and accounting. The Billing platform are semi-automatic and help our customers to simplify their daily work with billing.

  • Multi-accounts for customers that needs products billed to different accounts.
  • Manual invoicing
  • E-mail invoicing
  • Automatically withdrawing of payments using credit card on recurring products
  • Automatically withdrawing of payments using PBS payment-service on recurring products
  • Paying using self-service
  • Debt collection, with build in, customizable reminder system
  • Export of finance data to all major e-economy systems

E02.1 CDR/TAP3

This module provides functionality for a mix of simple rating of typical phonesubscriptions, to advanced business to business subscriptions.

CDR- Mediation

Functionality list

  • Import of CSV CDR format
  • Customizable import
  • Automatically cleanup of inbound calls
  • Scheduled import of CDR data
  • International customer support
  • Mobile rating support
  • TAP3 support for mobile rating and roaming

Application interfaces

  • CSV import of CDR data
  • TAP3 import for Mobile/roaming data

Functionality list

  • Rates number series and single numbers
  • Peak on/off rating
  • Multiple prefix tables
  • Multiple rating plans
  • Vat excluded rating
  • B2B and B2C rating (incl./excl. vat)
  • Prioritized unrated CDR view
  • International customer support
  • Call group support
  • Internal calls support

Application interfaces

  • CSV import/export of prefix tables
  • CSV import/export of rate plans

E02.2 IP-Mediation/IP-Rating

This module provides the basic functionality needed for accounting and surveillance, and collects the necessary information from the network. This module may require additional hardware.


Functionality list

  • IP mediation of traffic based on net flow or raw network traffic (depending on configuration).
  • Define multiple destinations for traffic based on IP prefix, ASN, Nexthop ASN or Nexthop.
  • Monitor traffic usage per customer, Graphs or per day usage
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Double accounting elimination
  • Possibility to document customer usage

The module consists of following software packages:

  • RACC (aggregation and mediation)
  • iCollector (IP Collection)
  • iProbe (optional) (Netflow generation)

Application interfaces

  • SOAP interface to RACC control
  • HTTP interface to iCollector status

This module depends on IP Mediation module

  • Fully documented usage by extracting data from flow records
  • The module can work independently of billing core to provide output for external systems
  • Integrated to the mediation engine for customizable destinations
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