Panther Admin

The Self-Service Portal are the entrance for customers and members to get access to services they otherwise will have to call the company to get. The self-service portal not only save the company a lot of resources, but also makes it possible for customers to benefit from getting access to services 24/7.

  • Includes standard graphic layout including company logo.
  • Manage texts on Self-service portal using an editor in admin module
  • Customers can access products 24/7 online
  • Online billing
  • Fully integrated activation of billing and provisioning, to automate services
  • CDR overview (Phone call descriptions)
  • IP Traffic overview (Graph)
  • Upgrade and downgrading of services
  • Manage email accounts
  • Support and FAQ pages
  • Automatic customer registration
  • SOAP / Web services.

The Self Service module provides a SOAP/Web services API. The web services can be called from third part applications and used to customize the functionalities and visuals on the portal.

Payment Gateway Interface Service

This module depends on Self service portal management. The module adds an option to pay directly on the self service portal with debit and credit cards. Furthermore the end-user can pay any outstanding invoices. If a customer’s internet is closed due to unpaid invoices, the self service adds the option to pay the bill online and activate the internet again.

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