Panther Admin is a platform developed to satisfy the needs for business software in the broadband industry. The software includes customer management, self service, product and subscription management, mediation, rating, billing, provisioning, workflow management and much more.

The Panther Admin platform is designed to support companies that have a large number of customers, with minimum resources. The platform is modular and can automate everything from loading new customers, provisioning of technical equipment and billing.

The platform is a modular solution build up around one centralized accessible database. The base system includes the basic features and options to customize specific customer data/information needs.

On top of the base system and database, a set of modular extensions called modules are installed. Each module provides a set of functions that can behave as a seperate application.

The Panther Admin platform cover

  • Adv. customizable customer database
  • Adv. customizable product / subscription database
  • Billing and accounting system
  • Network provisioning for Ethernet, cable-network and DSL
  • Network surveillance from layer 1 (RF) to 4.
  • Self Service portals for customers (with SOAP API)
  • Online web based ordering system
  • CRM system
  • Workflow system / Process system
  • Advanced employee user database
  • Ticket system
  • IP Data usage mediation and rating system using netflow
  • IP Telephony mediation and rating system using CDR
  • Cell phone rating system using TAP3
  • And much more..

The platform is highly scalable, developed so each function can be hosted on separate servers for maximum security, uptime and performance.

Panther Applications extends the list of modules each day, and our customers can build their own modules.

The platform it self ensures a clean and scalable environment to handle large amounts of consumers, networkequipment and automatized workflows. Workflow automatization includes contract management, auto-provisioning, workflows, billing, rating, mediation, survaillance and much more.

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