Panther Applications A/S, supports both B2B and B2C markets. In the B2B market our customers are among the biggest hosting centers and IT companies. In the B2C market we support small and medium business the most.

Panther Admin alone are used in about 130 different ISPs and cable plants (Q1 - 2020) for provisioning and billing of approximately 350.000 households, B2C alone.

B2B Market

Selected references

  • CSC
  • IPVision A/S
  • TDC A/S
  • TDC Hosting A/S
  • Netgroup A/S
  • Jaynet A/S

B2C Market

Selected references

  • Kalundborgegnens Antennelaug
  • Skagen Antennelaug
  • TDC A/S
  • DanskNet A/S
  • Ørum Antenneforening
  • Høng Antennelaug
  • ASOM Net / Vejen
  • Glentevejs Antennelaug
  • Bjerringbro Kabelnet
  • Tune Kabelnet
  • Herlugmagle-Gelsted Antenneforening
  • Svenska Stadsnät (Teliasonera)
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